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Want to supply your produce to the UK's largest wholesale produce Market?

The produce we offer is grown globally. We work with different channels of the supply chain in order to give our customers what they need. 

These include for example, working with farmers in Egypt and Morocco, to auction houses in Almería, Spain and agents in the UK and Netherlands. 

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Second Class Fruit

We are proud to cover a broad spectrum of customers, from restaurants to industrial juicers and jam makers.  

Therefore naturally we have grown a large customer base for second class, yet perfectly good fruit for those that need it. 

Given the social-economic trend of greater pressure on the industry to reduce food wastage, and increasing consumer demand for top quality products, it is unsurprising that we have become an incredibly valuable outlet for producers, suppliers and supermarkets in dealing with their second class and surplus produce.

We can do the same for you

We work with many of the main import agents and retail suppliers in the UK and EU. 

If you feel like we could be a valuable outlet for your second class or surplus produce, go and ahead and get in touch  via the link below and we can have a chat!

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